David Shrigley

Lose Your Mind

Applying design work to world-famous art is always a daunting task, so the key to successfully promoting wildly popular David Shrigley’s CoCA exhibition was to put his work centre stage. A crude mixture of drawing and writing, Shrigley’s style is slightly disconcerting in its ability to articulate common sentiments with dark wit and irreverence.

Strategy was tasked with promoting David Shrigley’s Christchurch exhibition Lose Your Mind: his first large-scale showing in New Zealand. We developed a range of posters, pencils, tee shirts, bags and postcards featuring his artwork. The challenge was in distilling the 1,000 illustrations supplied to us in posters that represented the diversity of his work. We did that with a much-larger-than-usual number of street posters, which effectively meant the public got a sneak peak of the exhibition on the street, drawing them into the gallery.

The exhibition was clearly CoCA’s with Shrigley even taking it upon himself to redo the CoCA logo, complete with a misspelling of the word “Contemporary”: a nice little souvenir left behind by the Glasgow-based artist.

Campaign Identity
Campaign Identity Campaign Identity
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