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Webinar: Thinking Outside the (fruit) Box

Webinar: Thinking Outside the (fruit) Box

Conversation, Coffee and Croissants with Nerida Murphy and Pippa Corry (hosted by Jussara Bierman)

Thursday 16th July 2020, 8:30 – 9:30am

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Traditionally, fruit and veg are considered commodities and consumers perceive little difference between products and brands, with price being the go-to point of differentiation. You can grow the tastiest and freshest produce with the most sustainable processes, but unless this is communicated to consumers or buyers as a differentiator, you’ll be forever competing on price alone.

An already increased focus on where our food is grown has been intensified by the COVID pandemic. In short, Australians are demanding Australian-made more than ever — the resulting behavioural change offers more opportunities for branding, storytelling, and thinking differently. Enter the power of branding. Having a strong brand can mean better margins, and more negotiating power. And, it can also open other avenues for selling and marketing your products, both domestically and internationally.


Join us as we discuss and share insights on:

—  Building a strong and engaging brand and provenance story

—  Creating your point of difference & emotional appeal

—  Attracting new consumers with your packaging

—  Designing out waste and building sustainable value in the circular economy


Followed by Q&A.



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