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Mate Act Now

Mate Act Now
Christchurch Design Director Chris Flack has created a series of posters in response to the devastating fires across Australia, calling government to tip the scales of climate justice. The cunning use of colloquialism “Climate Action Now,” speaks to the lack of response from individuals who hold power.

Earlier this month New Zealand’s skies glowed golden as smoke haze travelled 2700km across the Tasman. In the scale of such a devastating disaster, it is easy to feel helpless. However, the relief money that has been collectively raised though artists support and crowd funding is incredibly heartening. The mediums used in the series embody a hope for positive change — crayon scribbles provided courtesy of Chris’ two-year old son nod to the leadership shown by youth in the forefront in the fight for Climate Justice.

Chris has generously shared these with our community to free to download and use —


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