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Go Snow with How to Dad

How do you increase the effect of a campaign, while retaining the name, core colours and key message? That was the challenge presented to us earlier this year when the New Zealand Snow Industries Federation were seeking a way to increase snow gear sales, while retaining their Go Snow campaign — a campaign that has been running for years.

While reviewing Go Snow, we discovered a wealth of untapped potential and proceeded to put our thinking caps on to unlock the opportunities that lay underneath. We began by revamping the Go Snow logo to a sleek, modern typeface that perfectly encapsulates the core message of Go Snow. After this, we sought to revitalise the Go Snow website to make it a functional hub for all snow related promotions, deals and events. While this was a good place to begin, our biggest breakthrough came when we stopped thinking of ‘how’ and began thinking of ‘who’. Who will be advocates for Go Snow and NZSIF into the future? Who can reach these people and relate to them personally? This thinking led us to our target audience — Kiwi families — and then to a social media phenomenon who would deliver exactly what we need.

Jordan Watson, or How to DAD, is a young dad with a true-blue Kiwi sense of humour. What’s more? He has over two million followers across his social media channels, producing hilarious ‘how to’ videos, largely featuring his young children. We contacted Jordan and asked if he would be willing to make a ‘How to SKI’ video to teach Kiwi families how they can enjoy an outing in the mountains, even if they don’t know how to ski. And sure enough, he agreed. To check out the video, click on the link above and be sure to take your family up to the mountains to Go Snow this winter.

See the new website here. 


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